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Berthier International Consulting is a recruitment consultancy firm for executives specialised in middle and top management. Thanks to its knowledgeable consultants, who have worked on French and American markets, the firm is able to understand and grasp the challenges facing the human resources field, may it be on the French or European market as well as on the international market. 

It is important to remember that recruitment is based on men and women stories and histories and not just on a list of skills and competencies,. With this in mind, Berthier International Consulting develops and constantly perfects new tools to execute its missions, with the sole purpose of maximising the probability of success for each recruitment process. 

Why use a recruiting firm

  • 25 710 recruitments of engineers, executives and R&D positions for 2015.
  • 57,7% of these recruitments are considered to be « difficult » by the decision makers.
  • 82% of these decision makers feel that the candidates they meet don’t have the right profile.
  • 45% dof abandoned recruitments are stopped because the profiles of the candidates are inappropriate. 
  • 28,4% of decision makers could postpone their recruitment projects because of the difficulties they meet in completing these projects.
  • 79% of the resumes received during recruitment are misleading (either by omission or voluntarily
  • Source SYNTEC

Etude CREDOC / BMO 2015 : recruter pour développer de nouvelles compétences

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